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Make Love In Spokane

Romantic Things to Do


Take a walk in the park

Of all of the cities I have ever lived in, I have to say that Spokane's park system is the best. The romantic possibilities are endless. Riverfront Park is spectacular at any time of day, but sunset is particularly beautiful. Also a fun place to strap on a pair of rollerblades, or to take a bicycle ride. If you're feeling particularly ambitious, it's a good place to hop on the Centennial Trail. Or, you can go ice skating in the winter, play mini-golf in the summer, go see a movie at the Imax, take a ride on the Carousel, stretch out on a blanket and watch the stars, the clouds, the people, whatever. Manito Park is another lovely place for a stroll. The Japanese Gardens are my personal favorite...although the Duncan Gardens are beautiful, too. Always makes me feel as if I've stepped into Wonderland with Alice. Check out the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department for more information.

Go to a hockey game

I'm not a sports fan, but I find hockey kind of thrilling. It's fast-paced, exciting, and a little barbaric. It brings out a certain earthy element in people to watch a bunch of sweaty boys trying to kill each other while skating around, very fast, chasing after a very small, very hard, even faster moving puck. I like the sound they make when they smash into the wall.

Spokane Chiefs

Be a kid again

Go to Silverwood. Ride the roller coaster and the bumper boats. Ride the little train. It's fun, and having fun is romantic.

Silverwood Theme Park

Take a lake cruise

Moonlight on the water. Really, what more is there to say? Take a nice summer day, play on the beach, rent a couple of kayaks and paddle around, and then go for a sunset cruise. You will never forget watching the sunset over the lake, I promise you.

Coeur D'Alene Lake Cruises